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Analytics as a Decision Support System

2018 marks the tenth anniversary of my involvement in football analytics. This has prompted me to crystallise a few thoughts on the role of analytics and data science in football.  In particular, I want to talk about how these tools should be integrated into a club’s football operations. The [...]

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Gravity: Part 1. A Metric for Event Importance

Some goal attempts are more important than others. 2-0 up, ten minutes to go, and a chance to score. Whether the goal goes in or whether it doesn't is unlikely to affect the outcome of the game. Not a lot of pressure on the striker really. How about a chance [...]

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Assessing Expected Goals Models. Part 2: Anatomy of a Big Chance

I had intended Part 2 of this series to be about using expected goals (xG) models to predict match scores. But something more important came up. Jan Mullenberg recently discovered that the Opta Big Chance indicator was a very powerful predictor of goals. In Part 1 of this series, I found that [...]

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