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Who Are We?

The application of data science is revolutionizing football, bringing new insights to enhance decision-making at all levels.

We help clubs introduce data science methods to support their strategic and tactical football operations, including player recruitment, performance measurement, and coach analysis.

Garry Gelade has worked with leading football clubs and can advise you how to apply data science to your key operations and engage your staff to create a sustainable competitive edge.

“Dr Gelade has been instrumental in assisting us in pioneering the use of high level data analysis and quantitative assessment in our quest to reduce the risk of player recruitment issues in what now is a global market.

Through his work we have been able to create innovative and powerful insights into the role specific players have on the impact of results in major http://laparkan.com/buy-tadalafil/ European and Champions League matches.

With this insight to the fore we now feel we have a significant advantage over our major competitors in the race to identify and quantify the value of the world’s elite players.”

Mike Forde, Performance Director, Chelsea FC

I’d Like to Know More

To find out how data science can help your club achieve its goals, contact me, Dr. Garry Gelade, for an informal discussion.
I look forward to speaking with you.



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