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In Pursuit of a Passing Model

We intuitively know that some passes are more difficult than others. A short pass is easier to complete than a long pass isn't it? And unless this is taken into account, we can't really measure passing ability. For this reason, some analysts have used event data to develop passing [...]

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Journey into Space: Using spatial metrics to compare and cluster football players

Tracking data has long been used by football clubs to measure physical activity on the field, such as distance covered, sprints and top speed. In this post I show how TRACAB spatial location data can be visualised and quantified, and used to compare and contrast players. The data for [...]

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Passing Heat Signatures

I've been thinking about passing recently, and it seems that teams have quite distinct passing signatures that can be discerned in heat maps. The purpose of this post is just to illustrate this with some heat maps for a few selected teams which simply represent the numbers of passes [...]

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What makes countries good at football?

The 2018 World Cup  is now reaching its climax, and some of the most fancied nations have already returned back home.  But World Cup upsets aside, what makes a country good at football? I thought it would be worth updating a regression model I built some years ago in [...]

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How Lucky is Top Tier English Football?

A recurring question in sport is the extent to which skill or luck determine the outcome.  Back in 2012, Michael Maubisson the Director of Research at BlueMountain Capital Management, published a book exploring the relative contributions of skill and luck in the domains of sport, business and investing. As [...]

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