Some Properties of Possession Sequences

This post will describe some of the properties of possession sequences, using data from seasons 2015-2017 of the Big 5 European domestic leagues.  In particular I will look at how the probability of shooting develops as a possession progresses. We will see some differences between strong and weak teams [...]

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Valuing Passes and Thoughts on Metrification

In my last post, I looked at passing performance and identified players with pass completion rates higher than expected, given the difficulty of the passes they attempted.   This seemed to pass the eyeball test, throwing up players like Kroos, Ozil, Arjen Robben and Messi as top performers on this [...]

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A Deep Learning Model of Passing

Passing is a skill that sits at the very heart of football. But for a long time the only available measure of passing performance was the pass completion rate, in other words, the percentage of successful passes.  This is not very satisfactory, because it doesn't recognise that some passes [...]

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In Pursuit of a Passing Model

We intuitively know that some passes are more difficult than others. A short pass is easier to complete than a long pass isn't it? And unless this is taken into account, we can't really measure passing ability. For this reason, some analysts have used event data to develop passing [...]

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Journey into Space: Using spatial metrics to compare and cluster football players

Tracking data has long been used by football clubs to measure physical activity on the field, such as distance covered, sprints and top speed. In this post I show how TRACAB spatial location data can be visualised and quantified, and used to compare and contrast players. The data for [...]

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