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The Best and Worst Managers in the Premier League (Probably)

Some people don't think football managers make much difference at all. The guys at Soccerbrain for instance are quite skeptical about the influence a manager has: Coaches don’t matter so long as they are competent, they have the dressing room with them, and they are pragmatic about the tactics they employ given [...]

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Crossing: Lessons from Liverpool

MOST Premier League teams like to cross the ball into the box. It is an exciting and threatening move, and puts the opposition’s goal in danger. But how effective is it really?  Can a team make extensive use of crossing to develop an effective attack?  The Liverpool Experience Between November 2010 [...]

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Efficiency Analysis in Football

IN THIS POST I will be drawing on some ideas from the operational research literature to examine how the concept of efficiency can be applied in football analytics. Efficiency Analysis in Football Efficiency can be defined as the ratio of outputs to inputs- what you get out divided by what you put in.  We [...]

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10000 Hours and The Myth of Talent. New Counter-Evidence?

Why are some performers better than others?  Is it because they are more talented than their peers, or is it because they practice more? One school of thought claims that talent is relatively unimportant, and that what distinguishes elite performers from the rest is the amount of accumulated practice.   Advocates of this [...]

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Rise in Transfers to the Championship from Abroad

Recent years have seen a dramatic rise in transfers to the Championship from abroad, especially from Europe. I remember Martin van Geel, the technical director of Feyenoord, lamenting he'd been approached by Watford, then a Championship club, for one of his best players.  "They can pay him much more than me." he said. [...]

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