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Why England Lost: A Psychological Perspective

With the failure of the England national team in Europe this year, coming hard on the heels of the debacle at the 2014 World Cup in Rio, it seems that Steve Peters the team psychiatrist is likely to be leaving the England camp, along with Roy Hodgson the manager who brought him into the organization. [...]

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Lies, damn lies, and (Referendum) statistics

A departure from football today. The people I generally follow on Twitter are data analysts and statisticians, and tend to be level-headed folk,  so my Twitter feed has been mercifully free of the current flood of referendum tweets and the angry classist and ageist comments which often accompany them. But a few [...]

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An Identikit for Shot Selection

In this post I want to look at shot selection.  The aim is to develop a quantitative description of the locations that players shoot from, and to use this description to classify players and compare them with each other. An Identikit for Shooting There are many ways to divide up a football pitch. [...]

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The Importance of High-Return Shots

In this post I want to look at shooting decisions from an expected goals perspective. The concept of expected goals (xG) was first proposed by Alan Ryder in 2004, in a paper about ice-hockey entitled Shot Quality.  Since its adoption by the football analytics community, xG has become a widely applied metric, regularly presented and [...]

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