Business Solutions

Predictive Analytics

We have extensive experience with IBM SPSS and other predictive analytics tools.

We can:

  • Assist you to develop your own analytics capability
  • Design and execute analytics projects
  • Provide SPSS programming/analysis

Bespoke Analytics

  • You have lots of data but you can't see the wood for the trees.
  • You've done a survey but you aren't sure what it's telling you.
  • You have an idea, but you don't know if the data support it.
  • You want to tell your clients a compelling story, and you need an independent analysis.

etc ....

It sounds like we could help. We will design and conduct a bespoke analysis for you. We will draw out the information you need from your dataset and help you communicate it effectively.

If you would like further information about our bespoke services, we would be happy to discuss your requirements.  Please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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Customer and employee surveys are useful tools. 

But designing an efficient survey that tells you what you need to know, and provides accurate information, requires experience.
Whether you are planning a 'do-it-yourself' survey, or using a specialist survey provider, our cost-effective pick'n'mix approach allows you to choose what services you need. We can manage the whole process for you, or give you assistance in specific areas you don't want to manage yourself. 

We can:

  • Design the right questionnaire for you
  • Review your questionnaire if you have one already
  • Analyse the Results
  • Develop a Survey Plan to gather the information
  • Help you choose the right external supplier if necessary
  • Set up a Web survey
  • Manage the Data-Entry
  • Develop  Post-Survey Action Plans (using our unique creative thinking process)
  • Provide interactive or static reports

Data Mining

Did you know you could be sitting on a goldmine - right inside your company?

Many businesses collect information about their operations and transactions, but fail to exploit the business intelligence locked up in their databases. 

The past is often the best guide to the future, and data mining can discover new facts about your customers and operations that can help you target your efforts and investments on profit-making areas of the business, and reduce expenditure on less profitable activities or markets.

But it does not end there. The possibilities are endless, and limited only by your imagination. If you think you might have an opportunity to exploit this exciting new technology, you probably do. 

Call us for an initial conversation.We can advise you on the viability of your ideas, plan and run a data mining project for you, and help you extract value from the information you have collected.

 Business Efficiency & Target-setting

Which of our business units are the most efficient? What levels of performance can we realistically expect? These questions are not straightforward when your business units have multiple performance targets or are judged on a balanced scorecard. 

Efficiency analysis will answer these questions.  We identify your best-practice units across multiple criteria, and based on their achievements, we  then construct realistic and achievable performance targets for all the other units.

Efficiency analysis ranks your business units in terms of the efficiency with which they convert resources such as staff, customers and equipment into outputs such as products, transactions or sales. A single efficiency score is computed for each unit so you can easily identify the high- and low-achievers.

Targets are set for each aspect of performance. Because these targets are based on actual performance levels in your best-practice units, you - and your managers - know they are achievable.

Business Linkage

Business Linkage is a technique for undertsanding the complex system of relationships between different aspects of your business.  

With this tool we can build models which show how the various elements of performance influence each other, and contribute to the bottom line  

Metrics from different business functions such as HR, Customer Relations, Operations and Sales con be combined in a single influence map to aid strategic planning and inter-departmental teamworking.

Network Analysis

Teams and groups are essential in most organizations, from the board to the shop floor.

But the success of a team depends on more than the skills and abilities of its members.  How the team members relate to one another is vitally important.  

Social network analysis looks at the pattern of relationships in a team. Is the team divided into cliques or factions? Who has a central role? Who is out on a limb? A network can be quantified and studied mathematically; and key players, loners, bottlenecks, factions and cliques can be identified. 

Understanding the web of relationships provides valuable insights into how to improve the working of key groups. 

Social network analysis can help you:

  • Improve  strategic decision-making in leadership teams
  • Improve cross-functional knowledge-sharing
  • Facilitate post-merger integration
  • Obtain rapid buy-in to decisions
  • Improve team-work and communication

text analytics and Sentiment Analysis

Text analytics finds common themes and concepts in unstructured textual material such as tweets, blog posts or free-text survey comments.

Text analytics can extract deep opinion from customers and employees that cannot be tapped by the traditional survey. You can discover what customers really think about your products or services, the commonest causes of complaints, or what new features they would like to see.  

You can also uncover insights from your employees to help improve your operations. For example, we have used text analytics to help a large health-care organization identify the barriers to providing first-rate care on the front-line.

Sentiment analysis can be used in conjunction with text analytics, or on its own. It measures the emotional tone of comments or documents. For example, you can mine social media to find out what your customers lare saying about your product or service.

Key Driver analysis

What should our managers do to improve employee engagement? How can we drive up customer satisfaction? How can we increase sales?

Applying our unique key drivers analysis to your company data provides the information you need.

Based on the groundbreaking techniques for ranking the strength of key drivers, we provide accurate measures of key driver importance.

With this analytical tool we can discover which factors have the greatest impact on your important business outcomes. We can identify the areas to focus on,and predict the improvements you can expect.