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One-off Analytics

OK, so you don't need a dedicated performance analytics department - but you do have some research questions or some data you want to analyse.

Why not let us do the hard work for you?  We use robust statistical  and data mining methods to ensure the conclusions are reliable and accurate.

We won't blind you with science! We will prepare a written report or slide deck that can be understood by a non-statistician, and will walk you throught the results to make sure you are clear about the findings.

We have helped clubs answer a range of different questions involving many different types of data, including individual and team performance, training records, phsyiological measures, medical data, coach assessments, scouting reports, rest and recovery inventories, well-being measures, managerial performance and so on.
We have even screened football players' brain-wave patterns to find stress-resistant individuals!

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Scouting Analytics

Many clubs now use objective performance data from OPTA and PROZONE.

But the assessment of players by scouts and coaches still plays a vital role in football, and will surely continue to do so for the foreseeable future. 

All clubs rely on subjective judgments by seasoned experts, but few have any idea how consistent or trustworthy they are, and few know how to manage the resulting data effectively.

Using techniques developed to analyse the validity and reliabilty of subjective judgements, we can help you refine your processes to leverage the expertise of your scouts and coaches and ensure you get the best out of their knowledge.

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Data Management

Most clubs collect lots of good data about their players and transfer targets, but they don't know how to manage it properly.

Important information is frequently held in spreadsheets - in different formats on different computers, and in different departments.  The result is duplication of effort, poor co-operation between departments, difficulties in getting management reports ....

With the advent of smart business intelligence software, developing a robust data management system no longer needs massive investment in computer technology with all its associated costs.

There is no longer any excuse.  A data management system can be implemented gradually and bottom-up, starting on the desktop, and without breaking the bank.  

Creating a good data management system is the first step in setting up an analytics cpapbility in your club, and will allow you to create a valuable resource from your existing scattered datasets. The benefits are improved knowledge-sharing and better decision-making.

We can advise you on the steps you need to take to centralize and standardize your valuable data.  


OPTA and PROZONE analytics

Commerically available data adds little competitive advantage unless you know how to turn it into new insights unique to your club.

We are familar with OPTA and can assist you to get the most out of their data.  The benefits of OPTA data include finding potential recruitment targets, benchmarking the players in your squad, or comparing your team with its competitors. 

We can help you set up the interactive reporting systems to drill down into the data and extract the information you need.  We can also advise on the development of new performance metrics for teams and individuals.

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